January 2009

Jan. 25, 2009  Texas Trails Network and Cascade Locks
Jan. 14, 2009  GHORBA Love…
Jan. 12, 2009  Faulkner Park, Tyler, TX
Jan. 6, 2009  Warda Continued

January 2009


Texas Trails Network and Cascade Locks

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Trails Blog on Jan. 25, 2009 - 10:14 am

Most of our work recently has taken us across the state and away from Austin. Trail builders have an ever changing view from their office!

This week S&S Trails had a few different tasks going on. We helped represent the Professional Trailbuilders Association at the Texas Trails Network Annual Conference in Waco, Tx by setting up a booth at their expo. News of S&S Trails’ services was well received and we were able to catch up with many of our former contacts. There seems to be lots of trail opportunities in Texas.

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Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Trails Blog on Jan. 14, 2009 - 10:10 pm

I’ve noticed that we’ve been getting a lot of hits from GHORBA’s forums and pages recently and after some investigating, found out why. They’ve posted a year in review from last year and all of the trail projects listed were developed by S&S Trails staff. Pretty cool if you ask me. The link is here.

Faulkner Park, Tyler, TX

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Trails Blog on Jan. 12, 2009 - 8:44 pm

Project Type: Design, supervision
Length: 5+ Miles
Use: Hiking, Trail Running, Mountain Biking
Dimensions: 2-3 feet wide

Members of S&S Trail Services have been partnering with the Tyler Bicycle Club for years, most recently on designing a new mountain bike and trail running trail in Faulkner Park, a city owned property. The park already has a large fishing pond, tennis courts, baseball fields and a small water park, plus a 1.25 mile long crushed granite hiking trail.
The new trail utilizes the majority of the remaining wooded area in the park and will be very beginner friendly. The area of Tyler the park sits in has nice rolling hillsides and a few creeks. The trail will make the most of the elevation gains possible with an eye on sustainability. The concept is an open and flowing trail through the large trees in the area, with minimal crossings of the existing hiking trail.
S&S Trails hopes to teach a trail school in the future and to assist in construction of the trail as a hybrid project. The club is currently seeking donations to help with the project.

Warda Continued

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Trails Blog on Jan. 6, 2009 - 9:43 pm

The Excruciation Exam and more trail work were happening the first weekend of this year out at Bluff Creek Ranch. S&S Trails continued with the new section of trail on Friday, hoping to get some racers out for Pay Dirt, but that didn’t quite work. There was a lot of trail built still. Saturday was the race and it saw record attendance, and high temps! I think it was a success. The ranch has decided to pay us to continue on the trail and we’re due back later this month to see how much we can get done!