March 2010

Mar. 30, 2010  PTBA Annual Conference
Mar. 25, 2010  Katy Memorial Herman Hospital
Mar. 2, 2010  Pedernales Falls State Park

March 2010


PTBA Annual Conference

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Trails Blog on Mar. 30, 2010 - 12:50 pm

March 22-27 PTBA Conference
S&S Trails traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to participate in the first members-only conference for the Professional Trail Builders Association (PTBA). In the past a conference was held every year that was open to the public and governmental agencies, in addition to the professional trail contractors that comprise the association. As a member of the board of directors, Susan was involved with discussions to change the conference format to an every other year event that would alternate with the National Trails Symposium and IMBA biennial summits. Because those two conferences occur on even-number years, the large PTBA conference that’s open to the public will occur in odd-number years starting with 2011.

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Katy Memorial Herman Hospital

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Project Gallery on Mar. 25, 2010 - 12:23 pm

Several months ago S&S Trails was contacted by Terri DeLoach, the Director of Customer Experience Management at Katy Memorial Hermann hospital, to explore the possibilities for installing a crushed granite walking path for staff and employees to use. Every year the hospital sponsors an employee contribution campaign to add features that improve the environment for staff and patients alike. For example, a past project created an outdoor seating area and healing garden, complete with a beautiful rock enclosed fountain that provides a calming place for people to sit and visit or meditate. When Terri searched for Texas trail builders on the internet she found our webpage and decided that she liked what she saw and that we were relatively local, so she decided to give us a call. (Incidentally this is the first confirmed contract that we have received solely from the existence of our webpage and not from word-of-mouth advertising or a personal referral. Thanks Megan and Marty for doing such a great job with our online marketing!)

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Pedernales Falls State Park

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Project Gallery, Uncategorized on Mar. 2, 2010 - 8:36 am

S&S Trails completed the horse trail reroutes that were begun last fall. The construction process was plagued by delays due to bad weather and some bureaucratic challenges to overcome, but fortunately we were able to work hard when we were allowed to do so and we managed to complete everything by the March 1 deadline.

The project completion deadline had to do with the fact that some of the proposed reroutes were located in golden cheeked warbler habitat, an endangered songbird that nests in the hill country region during the spring. Federal and state guidelines mandate that no mechanized equipment can be used in those habitat regions from March 1 through September to prevent interfering with the birds’ nesting and mating patterns. Therefore we were on tight schedule to get everything completed in a timely manner to comply with regulations enforced by the state park’s regional resources manger.

Pfalls Armoring
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