Canyon Creek Trail Updates

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Project Gallery on Feb. 11, 2010 - 5:29 pm

The beginning of this year saw S&S Trails back at Canyon Creek making some of the last improvements to be done on the trail system. These improvements include a half mile addition of trail, half that will be great for mountain biking and half that will be great for hiking. Also included in this scope of work was a rebuild of the two bridges that had been washed out by a huge rain in the past.


The section of new trail that was built followed the creek through the low areas, staying above the flood lines. The trail crossed two wet areas that needed to be bridged with smaller bridges. The section also crossed some dry ravines that needed to have crossings built. Most of these crossing were accomplished by utilizing spoils from the new trail construction to build up crossings that would keep users dry in all but the most wet conditions.


The two large bridges provided a logistical challenge as well as a structural challenge. The bridges that washed away were each over 20 feet long and were displaced by a 12 inch rain. The new bridges need to be elevated above the high flood stage of Canyon Creek. Our contact at the MUD wanted the bridges to be 4 feet above the normal level of the creek. This also meant that the bridges went from 20 feet in length to 25+ feet in length.


Even working at the site proved challenging at times. The wood being utilized to cross the creek here is 16 foot long sections of 4×6′s. Getting back and forth to work on either side was difficult.


The superstructure was supported directly on the ground which can be seen in the upper picture. The tall 4×6 sections will be utilized for railings later on. After building the main structure, we added ramps to either end to make it easier to ride up and over the bridge and to utilize strollers.


All of our work at Canyon has been well received. Its nice to have a project where the neighbors are out everyday checking on progress and thanking us for what we’re doing.