Purtis Creek State Park

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Project Gallery on Apr. 10, 2010 - 3:27 pm

April 5-7
During the first week of April S&S Trails returned to Purtis Creek State Park to build a rerouted section of trail and a small bridge over a creek crossing. We had originally done a one-day consultation at the park back on February 19th while we were on our way to teach the DORBA school at Sid Richardson Ranch. During that consultation in February we used a clinometer to measure the hillside slope and lay out a flag line that would drop gradually down to the creek crossing and then rise back up to the existing trail. When we returned in April we used Sam the dozer to build that section, and she was also useful in ferrying out materials to build the bridge and carrying away excavated dirt to build up a low area in another section of trail.


The request to build this reroute came about due to concerns about erosion that were raised by Kay Jenkins, the regional resource protection specialist whom we originally worked with at Tyler State Park a few years back. The soils in the area were primarily sandy and quite erosive, so it was important to keep the grades shallow to prevent water damage from occurring due to the frequent rain events that take place at the park.


The new section we built was fairly short, maybe 100 feet total, and since the creek crossing was pretty narrow, the bridge we built only needed to be about 16 feet long. On the second day, we assisted with the construction of a granite path from the restroom to the trail head. As part of this project, we also showed the park staff the importance of corralling users.

We enjoyed working with the park staff and giving them some on the job training in sustainable trail design and construction techniques. It was a fairly quick project that went smoothly, and the park staff were happy with the results and small amount of time that it took to achieve them. We expect that they’ll keep us in mind for future trail needs, and we look forward to returning to Purtis Creek State Park in the future for more work.