Barton Creek West: Trail Extension

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Project Gallery, Uncategorized on Oct. 26, 2010 - 10:31 am

In October, S&S Trails set out to add trail to the already stellar network at Barton Creek West. The new section was intended to be more of a challenge than the others, and offer some views that were not available at any other point in the area. The trail would be on the escarpment overlooking the very north end of Barton Creek.


The trail ended up being a lollipop configuration with one section connecting to a loop at the end. The entire trip is about 1.5 miles and offers some stunning views of Barton Creek. The building involved several rock retaining walls, some armoring sections, and one big boulder causeway to get around a bentonite clay section that stayed wet after rains. The HOA board had inquired about stepping stones, but S&S decided, since there were mountain bikes, to make a boulder causeway. This would add challenge while also meeting the needs of the HOA. Some of the rocks that were moved for this weighed over 2000lbs!


No job comes without it’s hardships, and this trail had a particularly nasty section. Right after one of the rock retaining walls was a scree field that would prove hazardous and challenging. The section was questioned after the design was done, with the HOA wondering how a trail would be built through that section. As for the building, the main issue from S&S’s end was losing tracks on the machine. With all the loose rock, it was quite easy to pinch the tracks, pulling them off the assembly and causing the “witch” to truly be a skidder. All’s well that ends well, and there is a fine looking piece of trail there now.