Double Lake Part 2: September 13-October 1

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Project Gallery on Nov. 15, 2010 - 2:07 pm

After taking the summer off to do some work and sightseeing in the northern U.S., S&S Trails returned to Texas to finish up the trail construction project at Double Lake Recreation Area in Coldspring. The other company that we partnered with, Progressive Trail Design out of Arkansas, arrived to build most of their portion of the contract over a 21 day period in the fall.

Most of the crew that had worked with us during the spring returned to help us complete the project, with the exception of Brian who had accepted a maintenance position with a church camp closer to his home in Huntsville. In his place, we had the pleasure of working with Dan, who was a friend of Chuck and Mike’s from Houston. Dan was finishing up his training to be a licensed massage therapist, and in the meantime he had some time to spare to come work for us, which was a great help.

The project involved a few challenges along the way, such as severe weather, miscommunications among different agencies about reroutes, and equipment trouble. Additionally, since Susan had injured her ankle during a trip to New Mexico, she was unable to work in the field and the crew was down one machine operator. Fortunately with enough time, dedication, and perseverance, the project was able to be completed in time for Jill from IMBA to come down and do a trail assessment and compliance review.

Jill borrowed Susan’s bike and did a very detailed and intensive assessment of the new trail. She GPS’d the entire system and took copious notes about the grade, flow, built-in drainage features, and low spots that were targeted for armoring by the volunteers. Overall she was very pleased with the work done by both companies, and just had a few minor recommendations to make that we took care of on a wrap-up visit a little while later.

Although the construction did not go 100% smoothly from start to finish for a number of reasons, overall it was very rewarding to complete our biggest project to date and receive a significant amount of positive feedback from trail users along the way. GHORBA now has received a grant to do a similar project in Huntsville State Park, and we hope to successfully bid on that project as well. We’ll keep you posted!