2012 Excruciation Exam

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Trails Blog on Jan. 8, 2012 - 2:08 pm

S&S Trails, together with Scott Schaeffer from Southern Elite Racing, hosted the 9th annual Excruciation Exam endurance mountain bike race on the first Saturday of the new year. Many thanks to go to the owners of Bluff Creek Ranch and Rocky Hill Ranch for allowing access to their trails to help make the event a true endurance mountain bike race, not just a race on dirt roads that racers happen to ride on a mountain bike. Now that we have a large and regularly attending volunteer force that is well-trained in addition to hard working, the event has been running smoother and better every year. And just like the event from 2 years ago, we had new machine-built trail completed just in time for the race, and we got lots of good feedback on that new extension from the end of the Cliffhanger section.

So it begins!


The day started off foggy and cool, but as the sun came up and burned off the mist, it turned into a beautiful day and the race went off very well. Participants rode hard, pushed themselves to their limits, and many relaxed with a well-earned longhorn burger and beverage while waiting for the results to be tallied and awards given out later in the day.


Our sponsors contributed so much to make the event a success, and to them we are grateful. Bluff Creek Ranch added cash to make sure the top women’s purses were the same as the men’s, Hill Country Bicycle Works and Sun and Ski Sports donated cash and schwag, and Pro-Gold Lubes donated product samples that everybody appreciated.


It was a great event, and with the help and support of volunteers, mountain bike ranches, and bike shops in the region, we look forward to continuing the race in 2013.