Private Land Owner in Dallas

Posted by Ryan Spates in S&S Project Gallery on Dec. 20, 2011 - 2:32 pm

Earlier in the fall of 2011, a private individual contacted S&S Trails to assess his property for the feasibility of installing a short hiking and biking trail system that would incorporate downhill flow and technical structures to utilize the topographical elevation and rock features on his land. The land owner used to race mountain bikes in Texas and remembers riding trails at the same time as Ryan and Susan during practice laps at race venues around the state. While deciding to turn his property into a family retreat for various outdoor activities, he remembered hearing that Ryan and Susan had become professional trail builders, and he found our webpage on the internet and decided to contact us.

The customer and his family were very gracious hosts while we (and Chuck) stayed on site to do design and layout work for the trail and associated technical features. He is very enthusiastic about the project, as are we, and we look forward to working on it with him in the spring, hopefully to complete a significant portion of the work before his family reunion is held on the site sometime in May. It’s going to be a fun project!