Consultation: S & S Trail Services is well positioned for any type of trail consultation that may be needed. Our expertise in this area ranges from site assessment, trail evaluation, signage plans, feasibility studies, maintenance, and certain aspects of construction.  Often we set up a consultation as an alternative to a turn key construction rate.

Design: We can design a trail system that suits your needs and addresses the desires of the trail users at the same time. Taking into account positive & negative control points and the lay of the land, S &S can produce a trail system that, if built properly, will sustain years of designated use with minimal maintenance. Potential users include walkers, hikers, trekkers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and even equestrians. Ryan & Susan have many years of mountain biking and hiking under their belts and Susan is an experienced horsewoman with 25+ years in the saddle.

Construction: Building on the sustainable design of the trail system, S & S Trails specializes in natural surface trail construction. We have extensive experience in building trail using mechanized tools and, where necessary, by hand. Sustainability is our main selling point on trails and we very carefully construct the trails to withstand erosion and fit well in the natural environment. We can also construct bridges and boardwalks, as well as rock armoring such as boulder causeways and flagstone paving.

Education: S & S Trails offers educational services to anyone who wants to learn about natural surface, multi-use, singletrack trails. Ryan and Susan’s previous job was focused mainly on teaching people how to build trail, from land managers to trail stewards to volunteers. Susan also has experience as a college level instructor in her prior field of psychology and mental health treatment.

Work Group Supervision: S & S Trails’ staff has led countless volunteer workdays over the course of their trail work experience. They have helped lead groups as large as 150 people in trail construction.  Susan and Ryan have teamed with Master Naturalists, Mountain bike clubs, American Youth Works Teams and Scouts, to name a few.

Hybrid Construction: Many public projects require matching funds for grant money purposes. We can provide the professional services like major construction while also supervising your work crew to match the monies through volunteer labor.

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